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Bedding choices

Apr 08, 2015

As the essential necessities for families, but also with everyone all night long all night long in direct contact with the skin, perhaps better than clothes to choose bedding selections more carefully. That should be how to choose?


1. size when purchasing cotton bedding, cotton bedding in the majority will shrink after washing, often slightly larger size when using for the first time, but after the wash size is just right.

2. takes note of whether raising grain, General Mercerized fabrics by Singeing after processing, so not easy raising grain, will not be allowed to fade, if you don't go through this process, while touching the fabric back and forth by hand, is rough, washed a few times might be raising grain.

3. silk bedding, just ask when you buy is tussah silkworm is, remember that silk 100% don't expect to buy at lower prices, even if there were, would not be good, nobody will do a losing proposition. Padded silk also suggested not to buy it, is the worst might call some fiber.