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People suffering from asthma? Maybe you ought to clean your pillow!

Apr 08, 2015

Pillows are one of our intimate bedding every day, so the cleanliness of it directly affects our health, and this process is something that we must be strict about!

According to the United Kingdom, the daily mail reported, United Kingdom researchers at Manchester University pillow material sampling studies revealed that people use pillows contained a lot of fungi, each gram of material on the pillow has thousands of fungal spores, the average pillow contains more than 1 million spores of the fungus. Especially in chemical fiber pillows, the researchers also found more fungi. Fungi can enter the hole caused by tuberculosis, and decline in physical function in patients with pulmonary hemorrhage, triggering asthma. Especially the adult patient suffering from asthma for many years. Aspergillus can cause a series of animal and plant diseases. Also contributed to the death of leukemia and bone marrow transplant patients a major contagion factor.