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Tourist season, train bedding cleaning process

Apr 08, 2015

Train bedding cleaning process:

1, pick: dirty upon arrival, picked out by the pickup bed sheets, quilt cover, pillow case, assortment, waiting for cleaning;

2, washing: to join the detergent washing machine, put the same type of bedding in the washing machine, automatic water flooding, heat, approximately 60 minutes;

3-ironed: washing is complete, workers in different classes of ironing out, smoothing into flat ironing machine, folded from trouser press out folds;

4, pick: ironing process, more than 0.5 cm diameter bedding singled out for secondary cleaning of stains, wash away residual processing;

5, packaging storage: folded bedding 10 bundle, 50 bags in storage, waiting for the Pocket before the start.

Many people take the train, always worried about sleeping on bed sheets, quilts are not clean. Every train bedding on arrival at the car will be sent to the stationary washing plant, each must be 80 ℃ high temperature disinfecting washing of over an hour. So, now do you think the bedding was dirty on the train?