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Apr 08, 2015

(A) of weft-knitted fabrics for special-shaped polyester low-elastic polyester yarn or yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, such as raw materials, using flat stitch, flat stitch and rib flat stitch, double flat stitch rib, jacquard, Terry organization, formed in weft knitting. Its varieties, generally have good flexible extensibility, soft fabrics, solid wrinkle-resistant, wool feeling strong, fast and easy to listen to. But its poor Hygroscopicity, cloth not neat and easy to take off, curling, synthetic fabric easy fluffing, Pilling, snag. Main varieties are as follows 1, polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabrics: fabric with bright color, appearance, tone and blending, texture close thick, textured clear, strong sense of wool-like, with a similar style Tweed wool fabric. Primarily as a jacket for men and women, vests, suits, raincoats, skirts, quilted fabric, children's clothes, etc;