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Glass House Construction Pay Attention To What Issues?

Apr 08, 2015

Want to build a sun room, and about what kind of programs?

A: the sun room you should obtain approval from relevant departments of architecture, so you need to submit the application in the expansion.

Q: the sun room beyond raw materials Besides aluminum and steel, glass is also essential. Glass options, what are suggestions?

A: in fact, top and door and window with all the sunshine you can install double insulated glass, roof installation is generally safe toughened glass. Warm glass Sun room best installed, this double glazed inside with a layer of invisible layers of stainless steel, light can be shot without any loss through the window, but the heat in the room is not out. 32mm glazed Windows can also be installed in the sun room, it works very well for isolated street noise.

Q: installing sun shading and ventilation to the room roles, then this function is realized by what material?