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Quilt Processing Changes

Apr 08, 2015

Processing, also known as the quilt fluffing cotton before 1960 are made by playing the gardener with a long Slingshot going from channeling lane gives processing quilts, quilts processing very inefficient at this time, only two quilts. ROC elastic gardeners invented the wooden-box playing the float, this is prototype of cotton fluffer.

Wooden box-type bomb flower bows

In 1960, Japan introduced the first cotton fluffer, but cotton fluffer largely replacing human quilt processing in after 1990.

Fine cotton fluffer before the advent of 2003, although processing and cotton fluffer supersede manual labor in cotton, but tedious Pu cotton fluffing cotton remains a blue-collar job. Fine cotton fluffer combed cotton shop soft, loose, personal, but fibres evenly to sticky, finished quilts using the life expectancy has increased to more than 10 years. Fine cotton fluffer combed cotton is the most important shop is a molding, effectively saving the human cost of the quilt in the process.